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The Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition was the world’s first open to the world Architectural Design Competition, where 1715 qualified architects from 77 countries participated. The participants were asked to prepare a design submission, which was evaluated on five key criteria: cityscape, architecture, usability, sustainability, and feasibility.

Archohm, an architectural firm based in Noida, India was one of the participants among 1715 entries. Below, we share their entry for the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition.

Night_View copy
Helsinki is home to a number of prominent museums, and is recognized by its design district.

The cityscape comprises a range of architectural styles, from neoclassicism to Art Nouveau and the contemporary architecture of Alvar Aalto. This design concept for the Guggenheim Helsinki Museum is an attempt to respond to this city and respect this renowned architect.

The site for Guggenheim Museum is an urban space of great national and cultural significance. The aim is to create a public space that, both welcomes new visitors and also serves as a key cultural destination for the community. The design responds to this context in a holistic way by creating a MUSEUM LOOP, which connects all the museums of Helsinki into a closed circuit terminating into a plaza. The museum acts as an important link to bind the past and future of art. The idea is to shape the city into a unique maze of museums forming an interface between the water and the greens. The design ventures into the city, creating this large plaza in the Tähtitorninvuorenpuisto; the observatory park. The plaza forms an apex directing the tourists to various museums in the city.

Ariel view of the museum copy Exterior view of the museum copy Guggenheim Museum copy Wide angle view of the internal gallery copy

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