Indigo Deli at Palladium, Sameep Padora and Associates

Indigo Deli at Palladium, Sameep Padora and Associates 1

The design of the Indigo Deli at Palladium was conceptualized to subvert the trappings of its mall context and the monotonous repetition of most brand architecture. A juxtaposition of the program and spatial intent, the design process aimed to combine the intimacy and warmth of traditional wine cellars with the program of retail shelving. The resultant form is an insert into the space subverting rigid structural geometries of the existing space. The quasi-dome, quasi-surface armature is suspended off the ceiling slab using customisable threaded suspension & levelling rods. The design intervention is a backdrop for the variety of the multitude of products & events it contains. The construction process was designed using parametric tools for design process, documentation and digital production tools for mechanised routing and assemblage.

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