Architecture Colleges in India


Admissions to professional courses are just around the corner and we are sure that many students and parents must have started enquiring and searching about architecture institutions in India as well. To make it easy for such students and schools to connect with each other, we are launching a dedicated section for Architecture Schools on ArchitectureLive!

CEPT Ahmedabad: Wikipedia
CEPT Ahmedabad: Wikipedia

There are many factors that affect the decision and choice of students, like, infrastructure, location, faculty, affiliations etc. And, we will like to help these students and parents with making the right choice.

HERE, is the sneak peek of what we have been upto. We are still in the process of adding more schools, information and details. We are hoping that all shall be in place and functional by the end of March 2014. The section will allow school representatives to add information about the respective schools, which includes logo, location, photographs, courses, brochure/s, infrastructure etc. Students and parents will  be able to provide rankings to each school making it easier for prospects to make their choice. Like we have shared many parts of the section are still not complete or functional, there are chances of errors and omissions.

If you find your or any school missing from the list, or would like to request any amendments, please contact us by filling the form below:

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